Paleo Polish Sourdough Rye Bread

Paleo Polish Sourdough Rye Bread

Sourdough Starter – Baked Sourdough Breads – Pancakes. Polish Sourdough Rye Bread. Our supermarket bakery used to make a ytni bread that was our favorite. It was dense and most, sliced very thin, about a quarter of an inch. Another pinner said: By far the best paleo banana bread recipe I have found.

A simple, all-rye bread can be made using a sourdough starter and rye meal; I have been experimenting lately with sourdough rye bread to make Russian Kvass, and while it works well for that purpose, it makes a very dense loaf. I’ll never forget the first time I ate sourdough bread in, of all places, San Francisco. Sourdough rye has the least amount of phytates (somehow the Swiss culture mentioned above must have known this) making it a healthier bread. I Just Released My Second Kindle Book Grain Free Paleo Snacks!

In Poland, we also have an amazing soup based on sourdough and ‘kielbasa’, called Zurek (or Zur). Paleo obsessives might shun bread, but bread, as it has been traditionally made, is a healthy way to access a wide array of nutrients from grains. Still, common bread made from white flour and commercial yeast doesn’t have the same nutritional content as the slowly fermented and healthier sourdough bread you might find at a local baker. Polish moms make and ferment for a few days on top of the ‘fridge to keep it warm. The traditional starter is a heel from some good rye bread.


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