Paleo Pizza Dough II

Paleo Pizza Dough II

A great base for Paleo Pizza with your favorite toppings, this is delicious with onions, veggies, or even plain.

Imagine the best piece of pizza you have ever eaten. The crust has just the right texture, the sauce is delicious and flavorful, and it is topped to perfection with all your favorites. I am simply in awe of Hayley, Bill and Caitlin’s new book, Make it Paleo II. I don’t even feel like words could do it justice, but I’ll try my best!

A simple and healthy Paleo pizza recipe that’s different from the now well-known meatza from the use of a regular crust to give it the feel of a real pizza. Here I used a simple store-bought tomato pesto as the tomato sauce. Gluten-free, Paleo, low-cab pizzas guaranteed to impress. Bear in mind that while this is the best gluten-free pizza crust I’ve ever tasted, the inside of the dough will still be slightly chewy – mostly due to the nature of tapioca starch.


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