Paleo Pizza Buns

Paleo Pizza Buns

This paleo pizza crust recipe is based on my recipe for dinner rolls. The ingredients are the same but the proportions are slightly different.

No need to give up pizza if you’re doing Paleo, as there are plenty of crusts you can use, and there are plenty of meat and vegetable topping options for you to choose from. Primal Pizza, Rolls, and Crackers. July 23, 2013 by Peggy the Primal Parent 13 Comments. Get the Magical Multipurpose Paleo & Primal Dough Recipe. Pizza crust, crackers, rolls and (to a lesser extent cause they’re harder to make) tortillas. That’s right, Primalgirl’s Magical Multipurpose Paleo and Primal Dough Recipe will make ALL those things — and probably more if you’re super creative.

I’ve been thinking about bringing paleo-friendly bread and rolls to LCK for some time now. But let’s be real, just like cauliflower pizza crusts, they are still cauliflower.


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