Paleo Pie Snacking Cake

Paleo Pie Snacking Cake

Chocolate paleo snack cake is a gluten, grain, nut, sugar, soy and dairy free delight perfect for after school “tea” or as a formal dessert. But overall it’s not a ton of calories for even a reasonably sized piece and the fat is good fat so I don’t mind it. This cake is my new go-to recipe for satisfying my family’s sweet tooth. Paleo Banana Snack Cake. April 26, 2015. Did you cut the pieces in half? Paleo Parrot is a snack cake that is dense, moist, and melts in your mouth, plus it doesn’t contain g. Christa also made an amazing Paleo Pumpkin Pie and shares the recipe below:

I knew I wanted to bake when my September Paleo Pen Pals match (hi, Diana! ) sent me some amazing ingredients from Estonia, but my days of making cakes loaded with sugar are over. This recipe owes its beautiful bones to the famous Chocolate Paleo Snack Cake, and I could snack on this all day without a twinge of guilt. This cake is Paleo, gluten-free, sweetened almost entirely with bananas, and healthy enough for breakfast! This cake is less of a celebration cake, and more a snack cake – one that’s totally healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast! It’s sweetened mostly with bananas (so make sure they’re ripe! ) , with just a bit of honey to balance out the cocoa. I also love that oozing piece of chocolate, pinned!

My favorite Paleo Desserts for the Holidays are Pumpkin Pie with whipped coconut cream, dark chocolate truffles, warm Dutch apple pie, Mexican wedding cookies, Thumbprint Cookies, and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with coconut sour crme! Now you can have your cake and be paleo, too! The Paleolithic diet and lifestyle-based on eating hunter/gatherer foods for optimal health-has surged in popularity, but with grains, dairy, and refined sugars off the menu, indulging isn’t easy. This Paleo Apple Snack Cake is free of refined sugars and flours, gluten-free, and packed with cinnamon and fresh seasonal apples. While I would certainly advise against sitting down and eating the whole cake in one sitting, eating a small piece as a snack fits perfectly into a healthy diet!   My favorite way to eat it is with a little bit of plain Greek yogurt.


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