Paleo Pesto Turkey Burgers

Paleo Pesto Turkey Burgers

This burger incorporates pesto in both the turkey and the spinach tomato topping. It has a great flavor and, once the pesto is done, comes together quickly. Yes you can make turkey burgers paleo! Skip the bun, take out the breadcrumbs (I have some tricks to keep the patties intact) and serve piled high with delicious things like caramelized onions, guacamole, and roasted poblanos.

Did you know that organic grass-fed beef can help reduce conditions such as asthma and arthritis? Beef contains selenium, which is needed to support antioxidants that reduce various inflammatory conditions. I love the classic basil pesto, but you can experiment with other herbs;

Paleo Turkey Pesto Meatballs Rebecca is always tinkering around in her Paleo kitchen and has come up with some great-tasting turkey meatballs, with the flavor of pesto in each one. These burgers are perfect for the summer, incorporating both ground chicken and ground turkey to pull of the right flavor. So it’s no secret that here at Fitter Food we love a good burger! This recipe was a bit of a combination of two of our favourite recipes as we used the pesto from our pimped up potatoes and added it to some turkey mince along with some grated parmesan.


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