Paleo Persimmon Bread I

Paleo Persimmon Bread I

Made with fresh persimmons, coconut flour, and spices; this rich, spongy and moist Paleo Bread Pudding tastes just like the traditional wheat ones. Persimmon bread. FEEDING GER SASSER -Athletes like Ger Sasser need big paleo fuel.

One of the tastiest Paleo baked treats I’ve made. This persimmon inspired pumpkin seed bread was my idea but I did some online recipe research to figure out the proportion of ingredients. I love the combination of persimmons and ginger so I thought, why not try a bread or cake type thingy. This is more moist like a bread pudding, hence the name. Please check it out and let me know what you think It’s sort of like a bread pudding. Paleo Persimmon Gingerbread Pudding FEED THE CLAN.


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