Paleo Peanut Butter Bread II

Paleo Peanut Butter Bread II

Let the banana nut bread cool completely, and yes I mean completely, before slicing it. Serve the crunchy banana loaf with almond butter, honey, or smothered with jam. Living Healthy With Chocolate: Paleo and Gluten-free dessert recipes – All rights reserved.

From our simple 2 ingredient bread to our chocolate nut bread now to this basic nut based grain-free bread. An easy to make coconut flour banana bread with no butter or refined sugar added. And yessss! it’s gluten free and paleo (if you leave out the chocolate chips). If you remember some of my first posts, I made these coconut flour waffles and then last year these delicious coconut flour bars. Feel free to use peanut butter instead of almond butter (although then it would not be paleo). Her specific paleo bread recipe served as the basis for this one, even as this is a fairly common ratio for Paleo Bread. Can I make this with peanut butter, I don’t like the taste of almond butter.

The first time I made this Paleo Almond Butter Bread I was surprised by how fast the recipe came together. My friend Kim has a version she makes with peanut butter that you may want to check out, so go to iklugg. Paleo Breakfast Bread makes a great gluten free and grain free treat for brunch or a quick breakfast on rushed weekday mornings.


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