Paleo Pasta with Turkey Ham from the LACTAID Brand

Paleo Pasta with Turkey Ham from the LACTAID Brand

I’m not Paleo, but she takes beautiful photos and has a huge range of recipes. Applegate also makes great turkey and ham, but they’re a bit more expensive. Pasta: I’ve tried brown rice pasta, rice pasta, and rice pasta blends. We’re not GF, but I have been reducing it in our diet and with two of us lactose intolerant, reducing dairy to save on lactaid too. Previously, I didn’t know much about paleo and just assumed it was weird. I would stay away from any of the stevia brands that are processed, personally. But I found substitutes in natural honey, gluten free pasta, almond milk and Lactaid milk.

Who thinks to put ham in a Chinese rice recipe? Perfect for pasta, pizza, or anything else you might want to cover in white cauliflower creamy deliciousness. Sneak some ham or prosciutto in there while you’re at it. I used Lactaid (lactose free milk) to make this. works super well. (240)  ¶  Mastic gum Illegal (241)  ¶  Mead See Note If homemade and ingredients are honey and yeast, commercial is likely to have sugar added and is illegal (242)  ¶  Meats Legal All fesh or frozen meats with no additives or processing are legal including beef, lamb, pork, liver, kidney, oxtail and tongue (243)  ¶  Meats (canned) Illegal (244)  ¶  Meats (processed) Illegal Most have additives such as starch, lactose and sugar e. g. hot dogs, turkey loaf, spiced ham, bologna, smoked meats.

Allowed Meats: Eggs, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Fish, Pork, Wild Game, Bacon, Lamb. I would highly suggest you give SCD or Paleo a try for 30-90 days.


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