Paleo Party Cake

Paleo Party Cake

On Paleo you can have your cake and eat it too, which is not something that usually comes with a diet program. This cake is like having a citrus party in your mouth and everyone’s invited. Get these 82 amazing Paleo cake recipes, grouped into helpful categories (Primal recipes with dairy are indicated). With just 5 ingredients and 25 minutes baking time, this cake is a must-make for any Paleo party! I wanted to post a nice collection of a good variety of Paleo birthday cake recipes. Many people ask me for a good recipe that I recommend.

This Paleo chocolate cake recipe uses mostly coconut flour. it’s grain free, dairy free, uses honey or maple syrup and half the eggs than mother recipes. 1st birthday party for my little girl on Sunday and think she would love it! This is the perfect birthday healthy chocolate cake. None of the parents or children at my birthday party eat paleo, and that just serves as proof that healthy foods, made free of refined ingredients do taste good and even picky eaters like children will love them.


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