Paleo Out of this World Turkey Brine

Paleo Out of this World Turkey Brine

Besides pinnable roast turkey recipes, find turkey brine ideas, turkey breast recipes, and ideas for leftovers. Brining keeps the turkey from drying out during the smoking process. Basting the turkey only results in soggy skin. Pingback: 25 of the Best Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes. Pingback: Thanksgiving Grilling Tips The Perfect Turkey Wayne’s Grilling World Blog. Prepare the brine and brine the turkey, allowing 1 hour per pound. For the turkey: Invert the turkey breast on a cutting board so the cavity is facing upward and the neck end is facing away from you.

Turns out it means, among other things, the poultry has been soaked in unsalted water for half an hour and then packed in salt for about an hour. So when I saw the Williams-Sonoma turkey brine I was all set to buy it, until…. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the wonderfully creative things that go on in the world of crafts and homemade goods. And check out Part 3- how to roast a brined turkey. We live in upstate New York – and it is COLD outside. I mean reaaalllly cold. What to do on a cold night? Roast a turkey of course! I am a big fan of brining turkey and whole chickens.

Recipe here. If you want to brine your turkey, here is a Paleo brine. High quality dark chocolate is usually considered Paleo, but if that doesn’t sit well with you, just leave it out. Recipe here. World’s Best Paleo Gravy. Once the brine is totally cool, add in the big, fat turkey legs. What if you took the word steak out of the equation? Turkey legs remind me of Disney World which is where we first saw them.


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