Paleo Orange Sponge Cake

Paleo Orange Sponge Cake

In my attempt to make a paleo friendly Christmas trifle I started playing around with a sponge cake recipe. For some reason I had orange in mind, probably because I am a big fan of gluten free orange cakes. Paleo kitchen experiments: carrot and orange cake. This sponge cake is made with items that will move you forward, not hold you back, and the natural flavor and goodness of the strawberries is able to shine through. The orange flavor really comes through on this chocolate orange cake recipe, and perhaps that’s because there aren’t too many ingredients used in this, so you can taste each one.

A classic Victoria sponge brought to life with the delicious flavours of orange and raspberry. Awesome paleo and gluten-free recipe for a dense but lightly textured pound cake. Super simple recipe using ingredients found in most paleo cupboards. Orange cake goes back centuries. It originates from the traditional Spanish sponge cake that uses Valencia oranges (or other oranges).

PALEO RASPBERRY ORANGE COFFEE CAKE. Swiss Roll with Chocolate Filling (DF, GF) Recipe. Paleo Honey Biscuits (GF, DF, SCD, Paleo). I decided on a light orange sponge layer cake with mango jam & lychee Swisse buttercream frosting. Crushed pineapple, orange extract, honey and dates all lend to its natural sweetness while coconut flour and pecan meal give it a hearty but healthy non-flour base. This lemon pound cake is not only rich and moist on its own, but goes great with berries, Paleo-friendly coconut cream, or any other topping you can think of! The process is super simple as well; you just group up the ingredients as Kelly describes and process it all until mixed together….


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