Paleo Orange Rum Cake

Paleo Orange Rum Cake

Rum cake makes a regular appearance on holiday dessert menus. My recipe is of course, grain-free, dairy-free and Paleo-ish (hey, I used Bacardi Gold, which is gluten-free! ). Get this tested, easy-to-follow recipe for gluten free rum cakethe perfect festive cake for everyday, and special occasions! Holy Cow, these are good, wish it was my recipe!

Making a grain free version of rum cake IS NOT EASY. I tried 3 times with  horrible results BUT by the fourth time I NAILED IT. You won’t even know these rum cakes are grain free. Ingredients: I had been thinking all day yesterday about butter rum cake. However, I do believe in making everything I eat as Paleo friendly as possible, so I came home from the store last night on a mission. Double Chocolate Orange Torte glutenfree grainfree paleo (Though I’d use butter or coconut oil, or even lard instead or grapeseed oil. Grain Free Rum Cake.

A paleo friendly raspberry orange breakfast cake with a sweet orange glaze. Jules is in high holiday spirits since re-creating her mom’s beloved rum cake recipe to be gluten free! And you will be, too, once you make her recipe!


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