Paleo No-Fail Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo No-Fail Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfect Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies where do I even begin? I have a fabulous, fool-proof paleo choc. chip cookie recipe but it uses almond flour instead of almond butter. Just made these and said I would just eat one. Fail. These are sooooo good.

I think chocolate cookies are in order and there’s no mistaking the presence of chocolate in these cookies. Elegant and dependable, they never fail to deliver with very little effort on your part. From the Paleo Parents: You know that golden brown Toll House style cookie you want that’s just soft enough not to feel stiff and dry but not so soft that it falls apart? Well these chocolate chip cookies take the cake. I even put the extras in the freezer one time hoping that it would deter me finishing off the batch, but the plan failed miserably as I found myself gnawing through a frozen cookie one afternoon and actually enjoyed the frozen texture! Seriously, when it comes to self-control with chocolate chip cookies, I have none. Paleo Chocolate Chip cookies made with almond meal (no flour).

I made your chocolate chip cookie recipe (the one with almond flour and maple syrup) , reduced the almond flour by about 1/2 cup and added 1 cup (OK, maybe more, I NEVER measure! ) rolled oats, plus cinnamon, allspice and raisins for the chocolate chips. DO NOT OVERBAKE or it will result in dried out bars and no one likes that! I don’t want to have a bunch of fail attempts, which I how I ended up here looking at your recipe. Find the sweet chocolate chip cookie of your dreams. All the classic recipes, plus new ideas, video tips, and helpful baking hints.


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