Paleo New Year’s Eve Chicken Wings

Paleo New Year's Eve Chicken Wings

Favorites: Paleo Finger Foods Great for New Years Eve. Jalapeno Lime Chicken Wings with Paleo Ranch Dressing by Meatified (via Stupid Easy Paleo). Go to for more tasty all know I love trying new foods and recipes but this time I wanted to make something that really stood that test of time. Chicken wings have been my favorite food for years and will always be no matter how many fancy recipes I learn how to make on the paleo diet. New Year’s Eve Party Food!

Easy Super Bowl Paleo And Gluten Free Chicken Wings. Honey Chicken Wings Recipe From Disney’s Contemporary Resort. New Year’s Eve Party Food! We’re attending a New Year’s Eve party tomorrow and we’re going to bring an appetizer and some drinks. Chicken Wings recipe and photo courtesy of The Paleo Mom. Real food, paleo inspired new-years-eve recipes. Egg nog gelatin pudding paleo, low carb, gluten and grain free. Chili spiced mango chicken wings.

This recipe comes just in time for New Years Eve! My whole family loved these insanely addicting chicken wings! Year’s Eve party. Gotta bring the paleo love and shock people that these are not only delicious but paleo!


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