Paleo Nana’s Tea Cakes

Paleo Nana's Tea Cakes

The Merrymaker Sisters is full of super easy healthy paleo sweet treats, check it out! Nom! Who doesn’t love a slice of banana bread for afternoon tea? Anyway, more like a cake, the banana bread you bought from the cafe this morning was probably over 50% sugar and defrosted from a freezer. We had fun using our banana flour to give our paleo banana bread an extra nana-nutty flavour. Grease and fill muffin tins half way to get the tea cake size. I can eat anything and feel fine but I choose to power my life with a Paleo diet.

My Love for tea started when I was a young girl and I thought every proper young lady should drink tea in a tea cup with a beautiful teapot and what goes better with tea than Tea cakes! My favorite. I also have a recipe for Matcha Tea Cake that is fun! I found a few other articles that mention Starbucks’ matcha has “flavoring” and “sugar” added to it, which would be a bummer for someone who might be avoiding refined sugar or on a Paleo diet or with health issues.

Considering he bakes cakes for a living, it’s surprising to learn Edd Kimber has received a number of death threats. My Nana died when I was little so I never really knew her, but she was a brilliant baker and I wanted to pay respect to her by putting her recipes in my book. 49 Reviews of Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tea Room Love. We had double dessert, triple layer lemon pound cake and strawberry petite four.  Marcia, one of the owners and daughters of the Chocolate Angel, was so pleased with our curiosity of Nana’s strawberry – pretzel salad that she brought us a piece – Southern hospitality definitely thrives here. The category you are browsing is Baking (Sweet) , so expect to find loads of fantastic recipes for cakes, pies, tarts and the like. All these recipes have been passed down though generations of British mums and dads, so while they have not been tested by the BBC, they have been tested by countless families across the nation.


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