Paleo Nana’s Barbeque Sauce

Paleo Nana's Barbeque Sauce

But like many food items, it’s not about giving them up while on Paleo but about finding a way to have them using Paleo approved ingredients. These barbecue sauces don’t use any refined sugar or corn syrup, but bring all the flavor your mouth can tolerate. This delicious homemade paleo barbecue sauce will be a great addition on some grilled chicken, steak, or even your sweet potatoes! The sweet and zesty combo.

Nana’s Trying Paleo? This homemade BBQ sauce is not only easy, but healthy too. Salted Caramel Nana Ice Cream My Profile.

Chuck roast, slow cooked on low heat in a braise of barbecue sauce, then shredded and served over sandwich buns. My nana was somewhat of a social bee and even I remember how every night was a party night when as a child I came to visit during the summer.


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