Paleo Mother’s Day Pound Cake

Paleo Mother's Day Pound Cake

A simple and delicious Paleo Lemon pound cake that no one will ever know is healthy. I made this cake for Mother’s Day and it rocked my world! We spent a blissful Sunday afternoon at my sister’s house celebrating Mother’s Day and Great-Grandma Shirly’s 83rd birthday. My sister, Mindy, and her husby, Dustin, live in a self-proclaimed ‘do-it-yourself’ early 1900’s farmhouse that just might possibly be plucked right out of a country home magazine.

Characters. A paleo-ized traditional Valentine’s Day dessert. Characters. I’m going to make these for my (non-paleo) husband’s birthday on Tuesday, I can’t wait! I know he’ll love them.

A glazed orange pound cake that’s extremely moist and full of orange flavor. There’s a family that live across the from us who has a son that comes by every day to pick them up every evening. The perfect lemon pound cake with raspberry coulis. So moist and tender and the perfect dessert for Mother’s Day! I made this cake a few days ago because while I was walking home from the grocery store I dropped the eggs!


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