Paleo Moon Cake

Paleo Moon Cake

I’m aware that mooncakes don’t pass the paleo purity test, but I’m not looking for an optimal food, just a once-annually treat that won’t give me IBS flareups. This month’s theme is The Chinese Lantern Festival (which falls on September 12th) a. k. a. Mid-Autumn Festival a. k. a. Mooncake Festival.

This one goes out to all the Chinese paleo eaters out there! Happy lunar festival! Recipe’s.

Snacks Recipes, Paleo Sweet, Paleo Plates, Assembl Paleo, Eggs, Studios Snacks Upd, Paleo Mooncake, Vegetarian Eating, Snacks Upd Includ. Paleo Mooncake. Technically it’s nut paste with banana, but The Housemate had some mooncake the other day and claimed that it taste pretty much alike!


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