Paleo Mom’s Zucchini Pancakes

Paleo Mom's Zucchini Pancakes

Me and my mom would always go down there for a quick lunch and usually meet up with my nanny Chachi. And in my opinion zucchini fritters fits these better than zucchini latkes. Keep up to date with Paleo Plan news, recipes, and blog posts. These reminded me of the zucchini flower pancakes my mom makes for us but better! I only made one serving now wishing I made extra so for left overs!

Because they spread out within the cup while baking, they came out looking like mini cakes. My Mom used to make green beans fritters (slicing the green beans very thinly and adding to a similar batter) , and she always added the baking powder.

Just Another Meatless Monday Zucchini Pancakes (paleo). More info Zucchini Pancakes – Paleo RecipePaleo Diet Recipes – How ”The Paleo Recipe Book” Can Improve Your Health! EVER WONDERED WHAT OUR ANCESTORS USED TO EAT? EVER GIVEN A THOUGHT HOW OUR FOREFATHERS SURVIVED WITHOUT MODERN AMENITIES TO COOK FOOD AND STILL MANAGED TO DO ALL THAT INTENSE PHYSICAL WORK? You are not the first person to be pondering on these baffling questions.


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