Paleo Mexican White Rice

Paleo Mexican White Rice

I found a lot of conflicting information on how many calories are in the Mexi rice at a Mexican restaurant, so I’m comparing it to just plain white rice. I just made this…it was amazing! I have never had cauliflower rice before, it was amazing im a carboholic and this was a nice illusion of white rice!

Paleo Cauliflower Rice is an excellent alternative to traditional rice in recipes. 07/05/2014, 1: 49 pm […] them with whatever your heart desires! We did taco night for Cinco de Mayo, using THIS amazing paleo mexican rice recipe from Paleo […]. When dining with Aly and her friend one night, Aly actually gave the Mexican rice a try. (She is always more inclined to try new things when her friends are eating them.

You have covered everthing that I was worried about when it comes to going Paleo. Rice, cookies, cakes, bread, tortillas, granola, cheesy dip, caramel, AND cheescake! All of my guilty pleasures! I was also worried about having to purchase the recipe books but then landed on this site. White Asparagus Salad. I also made a Paleo/Grain-free/Low-Carb version because I have quite a few paleo students now.


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