Paleo Mediterranean Rice Salad

Paleo Mediterranean Rice Salad

I like to cook quinoa in my rice cooker and it comes out great. I have a hard time with the stove too! I’m just learning how to cook. A delicious paleo cauliflower ‘rice, ‘ this side dish is steamed with tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers, then topped with mint and a lemony dressing. The recipe is both SCD and Paleo diet friendly. Greek Rice Salad. Paleo Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Nutrition, Food Allergy, Allergies, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, IBS, IBD. Diane’s Italian-Style Brown Rice Salad. 2-3 cups Brown Rice. Mediterranean Paleo CookingAvailable now!

A tasty alternative to a potato salad. I do realize that traditional Greek Salads start off pretty healthy. My paleo version opts out of the usual feta cheese crumbles and sneaky non-paleo dressings. Instead, I was adapting a recipe for a nutty couscous salad, which did use many of the same ingredients.

Mediterranean Wild Rice Recipe with spicy chickpeas and pomegranate arils. This wild rice recipe will rock your dinner table! Basmati Rice Recipe. Such beautiful colours running through this beautiful salad. Perfect for a quick lunch. Mediterranean Tuna Salad: lemon, mint, olives, and the bite of hot peppers Chinese Pork Fried F’rice: cauliflower rice with crispy pork and fresh broccoli *Paleo Chicken Bastila: a sweet, savory, rich Moroccan treat Comfort Noodles: the surprising yumminess of eggs and zucchini noodles SB&J Burger: Sunbutter & ‘jelly’ on a burger – sounds weird, tastes AMAZING Crispy Spiced Chicken Livers: fried in coconut oil, seasoned for zing Deconstructed Gyro Salad: fall-apart tender lamb + crisp, fresh veggies. I was never a super duper fan of Mediterranean food, but I must say, this place is amaze! Totally delicious!


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