Paleo Max’s Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Paleo Max's Fresh Fruit Smoothie

I also LOVE LOVE this gelatin-rich delicious paleo protein powder. I use a mix of fresh and frozen fruit to give my smoothie some thickness. Remember that on Paleo fruit takes more of a side role, and vegetables and meat get the lead. Fresh cherries will help your cardiovascular system, as well as aid in giving you a better night’s sleep. The Paleo diet encourages fruit consumption, so load up your smoothies with your favorite fruits. Include any edible skins, since this is where much of the fiber is found.

Asian Lettuce Wraps bundled into fresh let. Add. Add. Add. 4 tablespoons protein powder. 2 hrs for max nutrient absorption, but even if you’re eating some of it later, it’s still better than a lot of things you could eat. Going thru all the smooties for a breakfast, your smoothie formula has few ingrediants which are not in Paleo list like Oats and honey.

Want to workout with Max and his team of certified personal trainers? This is because people from the Paleo generation had a healthier immune system, due to the natural fresh food. Combining veggies and fruit in a milk smoothie is a sweet way to do it. I just mix the Perfect Paleo Protein into my favorite smoothie recipe and in minutes I have a delicious, healthy drink that keeps me satisfied for hours! The Perfect Paleo Protein is the perfect protein for those who. Max challenged Alicia to come up with a tasty pancake recipe that the whole family will enjoy. She also came up with a fresh strawberry sauce. I eat clean/paleo 80 of the time and leave the remaining 20 to my indulgences. Keep a stash of fresh fruits and snackable veggies for your in-between meals.


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