Paleo Marinara Sauce I

Paleo Marinara Sauce I

Easy paleo and gluten-free recipe for a rich and robust marinara sauce with meat. Simple and quick prep. serve over any paleo dish like zucchini noodles. Simple marinara sauce! Want to lose weight and eat Paleo? Follow my weight loss journey! This gluten free, easy and homemade sauce is perfect served over zucchini, pasta or in lasagna.

This is my go-to marinara sauce recipe. I use it for all things Italian, and love to have it on hand to drizzle over zucchini ribbons with some Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs when I need a quick lunch or dinner. (Okay, he didn’t specify that it had to be Paleo. Whatever) So after I put the three-year-old down for a nap, the six-year-old and I began making Paleo meatballs for dinner. Sorry folks, but I’m too lazy to make my own marinara sauce. I love Rao’s but Cucina Antica is tasty, Paleo-compliant, and cheaper to boot.

Yes, the texture is slightly off, but the visual appearance of noodles under classic pasta dishes such as meatballs and marinara creates a very satisfying, filling meal. DELICIOUS! Posts about Paleo Marinara Sauce written by Camilla Carboni.


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