Paleo Maple Whole Wheat Bread

Paleo Maple Whole Wheat Bread

I notice that Grade B pure maple syrup is on the staples shopping list but not listed above in sweeteners. This loaf of bread contains fiber galore, vitamins E, A, K, protein, essential amino acids, healthy fats, antioxidants, it’s anti-inflammatory compared to it’s whole wheat bread counterparts. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together melted coconut oil, maple syrup, herbs/spices, and water until combined. Hi bread looks good but its not gluten free oats has small amount of gluten to which I have reaction and secondly I’m sorry but oats are grains not seeds so it’s not Paleo.

Discover all the tastiest whole wheat bread or gluten free bread recipes, hand-picked by home chefs and other food lovers like you. Two slices of whole wheat bread now raise your blood sugar more than two tablespoons of table sugar. I cook it like normal oatmeal and pour cream, milk and maple syrup on top. You can always mix in your own fruits and dab of honey or maple syrup if you need it flavored. Now that I’m following more of a Paleo plan, you’ll see in my current recipes that the fat content is a bit higher.

You’ll also often see almond flour, tapioca flour, and many other non-grain flours stand-in for flour when it’s needed in breads, cookies, cakes, and more. Eating creamy dishes will help you feel like you’re not even on a diet, which is the whole point of the Paleo diet, when done right it shouldn’t feel like a diet at all. But they would have been able to figure out how to get maple syrup out of a maple tree, and they would have eventually stumbled upon a beehive for honey. Chewy, hearty, whole wheat bread for bread machines! I simply adapted my fave classic wholewheat banana bread recipe by throwing in some finely chopped mango and the pulp from a couple of passionfruit, that’s pretty much it.


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