Paleo Macaroni Meatball Soup

Paleo Macaroni Meatball Soup

I remember my mom making this soup we fondly call Almondigas or bola-bola. As a young kid, I’d always count how many shrimp pieces I’d find in each bowl.

The great thing about this soup is that you can just throw in any vegetables you have around the house. To add an even better texture and flavor to the meatballs you can use equal parts of ground beef and ground pork. Out Lo Mein Noodles Chinese Chicken and Broccoli Paleo-Style! An Asian inspired meatball and noodle soup recipe that is low carb, gluten free, keto, lchf, Paleo and Atkins Diet friendly. Easy and delicious!

Here’s a list of some easy and delicious Paleo noodle choices. With that said, the texture of kelp noodles does tend to go better with Asian-inspired dishes: they’re not great with a huge pile of tomato sauce and meatballs. One of the easier meals to make on the Paleo diet is soup. This noodle soup has traditional style meatballs in it so you are going to have plenty of flavor in one bowl.


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