Paleo Low-Carb Tuna and Mackerel Cakes

Paleo Low-Carb Tuna and Mackerel Cakes

So, I stumbled on a westernized version of Thai fish cakes. Best of all, it’s low carb! Let’s see how this turns out. The recipe and music attribution are are the channels I mentioned in the video: Kris, muddyrivercatfishing, can be found at John, Rivet Gardener, is at Here is the recipe that I used as the basis of my concoction. This is awesome – alternatives to wheat try the alternatives Paleo nutrition. Allrecipes has more than 700 trusted canned seafood recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. Paleo-ish Salmon Burgers.

Eat clean with these low-carb cauliflower fish cakes recipe! And so we move on to the tuna fish cakes recipe, which is what I was making when I had this epiphany! Do you drain the canned tuna? I think maybe because its tuna. and poor old tuna gets a bit of a bad wrap. I adapted after seeing this recipe for Lexi’s tomato jalapeo salmon burgers.

JuJu Tilapia has just as many problems as canned tuna. I have been wanting Tuna Patties (my mom use to make salmon patties all the time). Quick, easy, and budget-friendly tuna patties, made with canned tuna, mustard, lemon, parsley, chives, bread, and hot sauce. Before I started eating low-carb, salmon was a minor part of my diet. Looking for low-carb ways to cook canned salmon, I came across many recipes for salmon patties, most of which combined the salmon with one or more eggs, herbs, and some sort of filler — bread crumbs, rolled oats, or even crushed saltines or pork rinds. Lately I’ve been buying Chicken of the Sea (because it’s frequently on sale) and a multi-can pack at Costco.


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