Paleo Lemon Glazed Cake

Paleo Lemon Glazed Cake

He had ordered a slice of his favorite lemon cake completely out of habit. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try and have a pleasant surprise waiting for him when he gets home today! A simple and delicious Paleo Lemon pound cake that no one will ever know is healthy.

Paleo Lemon Blueberry Poke Cake is a simple and easy to make cake, that everyone will love. The cake is wonderful (dare I say perfect) even without the glaze.

Since I was no pro in the lemon cake category, I searched for a recipe to use as a starting point. Pour glaze over the cake, using a spatula to evenly distribute the glaze over the entire cake top. Tastes just like the expensive coffeehouse Lemon Loaf, but this is full of good for you, real ingredients! Luscious Lemon Pound Cake with Honey Sweetened Curd. The glaze is cashew-based, but I worked hard to make honey and lemon the prominent flavors, so I think people who don’t know cashews are the main ingredient won’t be able to figure it out.


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