Paleo Lasagna Cupcakes

Paleo Lasagna Cupcakes

Thus began the quest to make Paleo-fy Aarti Sequeira’s Lasagna Cupcakes. Heirloom LA is famous for their Lasagna Cupcake. Seriously they look amazing, right? But noodles mean gluten and really bad for my belly so I don’t even want to risk getting sick. Melissa runs a cupcake-themed site, but in the midst of a Whole-30, she needed a recipe to keep it interesting.

Free Paleo Wraps) 1 cup pasta sauce or spaghetti sauce 1/4 cup of your favorite vegan cheese (I prefer Go Veggie! Mozzarella Flavor cheese shreds). Nutritious and delicious paleo lasagna destiny CAN be yours. In fact, it SHOULD be yours. Recipes like this are what keeps the paleo lifestyle interesting. As much as I love when Kyle sears up a porkchop with just the right amount of seasoning, the whole meat and veg thing can become tedious. Grab a Cupcake.

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