Paleo Juicy Fruit Salad

Paleo Juicy Fruit Salad

Vegan, paleo, gluten free, raw.

Pineapple, apple, orange, banana and grapes unite in this juicy and delicious fruit salad! Fruit & marscapone sandwich cake ASDA Recipes. Juicy Fruit Salad. Vegan Gluten free Paleo 5 mins to make Serves 6.

Easy and nutritious, this mixed berry fruit salad features a maple sweetened lime and poppy seed dressing. Go berry picking (or hit up your local farmers market) come home with a a bundle of ripe, juicy berries and whip up one of these delicious creations. A fresh, naturally sweet take on potato salad: try this simple and versatile recipe for any meal when cooking isn’t convenient. Instead, try this variation: grapes and apples add that juicy crunch to balance out the mayo, and the occasional sliver of red onion livens everything up with a contrasting sharp flavor. You can easily add in some cooked chicken to make a complete meal out of the recipe, or just have it alongside any other protein source.


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