Paleo Jen’s Borscht With Beef

Paleo Jen's Borscht With Beef

Grated beets, bacon, polish sausage and lean beef chuck are cooked in a piquant broth in this red soup loaded with vegetables. Spaghetti Squash with Paleo Meat Sauce. You might know that Borscht is of Ukrainian origin but did you know that it was served in space when Appollo 18 met up with Soyuz 19? And did you know that since beets contain a high amount of boron, which directly relates to the production of sex hormones, it is also nature’s viagra? …. Primal or Paleo Borscht. The base of borscht is either beef or pork broth then it is filled with beets and other hearty root veggies that can last through the long white winters of Russia.

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To freeze: Once cooled, pour the desired amount of borscht into freezer bags and make sure they are sealed well. Lay the freezer bags on their side and freeze the bags on a flat surface. Once hot, add the meat in a single layer and cook until browned on both sides, about 4 minutes, flipping once. (You might need to do this in 2 batches so you don’t overcrowd the pan. Like many thick soups, borscht is better the day after it’s made. Source: Jen. Against the Grain: Pete Evans on the Powers of Paleo.


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