Paleo Jamaica Cake

Paleo Jamaica Cake

Cassava Cake also known as Cassava Pudding. Cassava is also known as Yucca. We call it cassava in Jamaica and in most West Indian. I’m so pleased with myself in relation to the results of this coconut cake. This cake had to be one of my favourite cakes to eat as a youngster.

A recipe for Jamaican Jerk Chicken that is marinated in a sweet and savory sauce that gives this chicken amazing flavor. A food blog dedicated to Low Carb, Primal, Keto, Paleo Caribbean Cuisine.

Carrot Cakes, Paleo Carrot Cake, Free Carrots, Jamaican Recipes, Breads Paleo, Grains Free, Paleo Carrots Cakes, Paleo Desserts, Jamaican Paleo. This is a moist and quite dense cake, absolutely awesome served drizzled with coconut milk or fresh cream. Made it with fresh ginger and is a great replacment for shop bought Jamaican ginger cake. Posted by My Paleo Life on December 21st, 2013.


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