Paleo Jalapeno Cheese Shortbread

Paleo Jalapeno Cheese Shortbread

Satisfy your cheese-tooth by whipping up a batch of these Paleo Crackers. by Marla Sarris on March 20, 2015. Of course, these Paleo Crackers are much healthier than anything you’ll find in a box. Paleo Jalapeo Burgers. I had no idea that Paleo crackers would be so easy and good. Good crunchy snacks is what I crave. I’m the chip guy. These totally hit the spot! I used baked cheese crisps as my crackers to scoop it up and it was to die for! I used shredded mexican cheese and sprinkled with jalapeno seasoning (popcorn).

It is suitable for Primal diners, if you eat occasional dairy, but not acceptable for Paleo. Apricot Shortbread Bars. Spicy and buttery tidbits perfect for any dinner party. These little appetizers get a little heat from the cayenne and jalapeno cheese. A perfect match for a glass of wine.

Here is an easy step by step how-to for making Jalapeno Pepper Jelly. This really turned out great. Goes great with crackers and cream cheese. Here are the Wide Mouth Jars we used: Liquid Fruit Pectin found here: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Paleo Vegan Crackers and Cheese these toasted cumin and turmeric crackers are super adaptable, served with green goddess cashew cream cheese they are perfect.


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