Paleo Italian Frosted Chocolate Cookies

Paleo Italian Frosted Chocolate Cookies

Danielle Walker’s Paleo Real-Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Take these frosted sugar cookies, for example. Calling for just five ingredients, these cookies are ready in about 20 minutes. Wow, these are the first amazing paleo cookie recipe I have seen. I made the almond flour and made chocolate chip cookies last night!

Italian Mostaccioli Cookies (Chocolate Spice Cookies).

I’ve put together a collection of 20 delicious Paleo Christmas cookie recipes to help you with your holiday baking! After our cookies cooled, I made some Paleo vanilla icing and we decorated our cookies with it along with some Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips and raisins. Christmas Cucidati (Italian Fig Cookies) The Spunky Coconut. A recipe for delicious vanilla iced cookies that is gluten and sugar free. This Paleo Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is just like the real thing! You won’t believe how good it is!


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