Paleo Italian Dressing Mix

It’s hard to find paleo-friendly dressings in the stores, since many of them use a vegetable or canola oil as a base, so I have been making my own dressings a lot lately. This Italian dressing recipe is so easy to make. The great thing about making your own dressing is that you can make it to your taste. Well, it’s no secret that most commercial Italian dressings are full of ingredients that I have no intention of allowing past my. You can also whisk ingredients together in a mixing bowl if you prefer.

I used to love Good Seasons italian dressing mix. The ease of making my own dressing with the oils and vinegars of my choice. Not actually a dressing recipe, this is a great spice mix that can be blended with your choice of Paleo-friendly mayo or non-dairy cream or yogurt. Vinaigrette and Italian Paleo Salad Dressings.

We often fall into the trap of making the same few types of vinaigrette over and over again and might become tempted by the abundance of choices offered in grocery stores. This is a classic of Italian cuisine and also acts as a proper marinade for your meat. But, when I saw her recipe calling for a packet of italian dressing mix, I thought it might be nice to try to paleo-ify that choice a little bit, you know, in the spirit of legalism. In addition to flavor, it acts as an emulsifying agent that enables the oil and vinegar to mix together.


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