Paleo Hot Water Cornmeal Bread

Paleo Hot Water Cornmeal Bread

Thick and a delicious mouthful, this Paleo Cornbread recipe is best when smothered in butter. I ate it with a paleo/primal-friendly beef stew on a rainy night. I noticed a comment about plain cornmeal with only hot water, shaped into patties and pan-fried in a cast iron skillet.

View recipe photos of Hot Water Cornbread posted by millions of cooks on Allrecipes. com (Page 1). You mix the cornmeal with boiling water to soften it up and then add enough milk to make it into a loose batter. These aren’t really pancakes, more of a sweet (ish) flatbread or polenta. However, I tend not to really care for corn bread unless it’s sweet or what we call hot water corn bread. Paleo Sweet Cornbread Muffins from Cassidy’s Craveable Creations.

Many people are eating some type of bread with most of their meals. Healthy Cornbread. Ingredients: Blanched almond flour, husk powder, baking powder, celtic sea salt, apple cider vinegar, egg whites, boiling water. Paleo Bread. Back in the day I happened to be quite the cornbread gal. Once the pan is very hot, pour in the batter and cook until bubbles form and the edges are slightly set, about a minute.


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