Paleo Hot Mexican Dip

Paleo Hot Mexican Dip

7 Layer Mexican Dip (Healthy, Paleo, and Dairy-free). In a large saucepan, make the Mexican ground beef according to directions below, Set aside beef, and put hot water in the pan to deglaze, Scrap off any browned bits, and rinse off. 4-Ingredient Sweet Chili Hot Wings. Since I try to follow a strict paleo diet, beans (legumes) are generally off the menu most of the time at our house. So, we’re calling our version Chorizo 7-Layer Mexican Dip and let me tell you, it was mighty tasty and really hit the spot. In fact, I always smelled like hot caramel fudge sauce.

Simple meat, guacamole and veggie layered dip loaded with fresh flavors perfect for paleo. These tasty morsels can be assembled ahead of time, and then baked just before serving. PALEO: Mexican 6-Layer Dip with Smokey Baked Plantain Chips Bare Root Girl. HEALTHY Baked Beet Chips with sea salt and Rosemary!

Seven Layer Mexican Dip. It’s football season and chips and dip were always a part of my watching the Georgia Bulldogs. Paleo Mexican Pizza. Are you supposed to serve the meat hot or can you make ahead of time and serve cold? I have always been a huge fan of warm queso dips, so now I can get my “cheesy” fix, without a stomach ache later! This is literally the thing I have been craving the most since I started Paleo 2 month ago. Coming from a Southern-raised Mexican food lover, ew.


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