Paleo Hot and Tangy Broccoli Beef

Paleo Hot and Tangy Broccoli Beef

Once the steak has seared, add in the broccoli and continue to saut over high heat. Tangy and spicy beef and broccoli are a winning combination in this quick stir-fry dinner. Does the red pepper make the finished product spicy, or just add a nice flavor. I love beef and broccoli, but I have yet to find a good paleo friendly recipe… Until now! This was delicious! Thanks for the great recipes and the always hilarious stories.

Broccoli and beef always make a good dish, but with a little ginger this Paleo dish is really flavorful. Spicy as hell next time I will cut back on the pepper and red pepper. A paleo recipe for Mongolian Beef made from sliced steak cooked in a savory sweet sauce. You can also increase or decrease the amount of raw honey and red pepper flakes depending on how sweet and spicy you like this dish to be. This easy one-pan meal is a fun and nutritious way to break the beef-and-broccoli mold without sacrificing convenience.

Hearty and delicious beef broccoli dish made with a special paleo teriyaki sauce. Paleo Spicy Enchiladas with Chorizo & Sweet Potatoes. The taste of this dish skews slightly retro, a little bit sweet-and-sour. Using a mango that’s ripe makes all the difference. From chef-cookbook author Aliza Green: If the area around the stem looks plump and round, and the fruit has a sweet, fruity aroma and is slightly soft to the touch (like an avocado) , you’re good to go. 2-3 fresh, hot green chillies (such as bird’s-eye chillies) , chopped.


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