Paleo Hawaiian Hot Chocolate

Paleo Hawaiian Hot Chocolate

Although cold here in Hawaii means a balmy 65 degrees, I have been taking advantage of every minute adding a scarf to my wardrobe or an extra blanket to the bed. And now onto hot chocolatecold weather would not be complete without a creamy, rich cup of hot chocolate! Refined sugar free and paleo. Hot chocolate is not one of the things you’ll need to give up on Paleo, but you won’t be able to use the packets of cocoa found in stores. Make your own healthier version of hot chocolate with ingredients that won’t leave you feeling groggy later.

Winter is the perfect excuse to cozy up with a cup of this warm and creamy hot chocolate. Hawaiian Chicken, Chicken Thighs, Big Pack, Baking, Chicken Marinades, Paleo Hawaiian, Boyfriends.

Simple and delicious method to making Hawaiian dessert Paleo Chocolate Haupia. Other recipes you might like: Ridiculously Delicious Paleo Hot Chocolate. Hawaii, fortunately, has been largely free of hurricanes in the recent past, only two having made landfall in more than 30 years.


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