Paleo Hackin Chicken

Paleo Hackin Chicken

The rule of menu hacking is sometimes you loose and get stuck with a larger bill. I haven’t tried the paleo hack but when I used to get the chicken burrito bowl with guac it always costs me more than $10 so no surprise that the cost went up for double meat. Or do you have other Paleo Menu Hacks to suggest?

Navigate being paleo in a non-paleo world with success. Pick up a copy today! I’ve often read paleo school lunch posts. I don’t want to spend much time preparing lunch day after day for 180 days so here’s how to hack paleo school lunches: 1. Cold leftover roast chicken and raw veggies. 7. Few things interest me more than human behavior and getting more chicken and guac in my buritto bowls. Here are some paleo meal hacks to help you out. One of my favorite meals, fajitas generally include some type of grilled meat (beef, chicken, shrimp, etc) , sautéed peppers and onions, and a hefty dose of Mexican spices served on flour or corn tortillas.

Of course, salads don’t contain tons of calories, so feel free to toss on some chicken, avocado, steak, or any other paleo toppings before you dig in. I love to hack the menu at Panera and get low calorie, healthy meals. My favorite item is the Mediterranean Chicken Salad, I’ll order that every time I go there from now on.


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