Paleo Ground Turkey Casserole

Paleo Ground Turkey Casserole

There’s so much you can do with ground turkey that it’s a good idea to keep some on hand so you always know you’re minutes away from a healthy meal. This is a casserole you can feel good about serving to your family or guests. This casserole is EZ PZ to make and is loaded with FRESH veggies, protein-packed ground turkey and full of how-is-it-still-delicious-without-cheese-because-don’t-casseroles-need-be-99%-cheese-to-be-good? If you’re looking for a paleo or non-dairy dinner, simply omit the mozzarella cheese.

A healthy gluten free ground turkey sweet potato skillet meal that is definitely a delicious comfort food to share joy. (ground turkey, 2 green peppers, onion powder, garlic, brown rice, tomato sauce, reduced fat mozz cheese).

Zoodles and Squoodles Pizza Casserole. In 21DSD Entrees, Turkey, Veggies On May 24, 2011 21 Comments. You have to admit – it’s hard to find true Paleo ground turkey recipes. We have 20 of them from Taco Salad, Burgers, Meatballs, Meatloaf and Goulash.


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