Paleo Green Tea Layer Cake

Green tea: not just for drinkin’. Just double the recipe to make a whole 2 layer cake. Cranberry Green Tea Smoothie (vegan & paleo) Raspberry-Grapefruit Smoothie (vegan & paleo) Green Detox Smoothie (vegan & paleo) Very Cherry Recovery Smoothie (vegan & paleo) Beet, Carrot, Ginger and Apple Juice (vegan & paleo) Pomegranate Juice (vegan & paleo) Minty-Chia Green Smoothie (vegan & paleo) Warm Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan & paleo) Honey, Lemon & Ginger Tea (vegetarian & paleo) Almond Chia Recovery Smoothie (vegan & high-protein) Lemon-Mint Sparkling Iced Tea Carrot Orange Protein Smoothie (vegan & high-protein) The Best Green Juice (vegan & paleo) Blueberry Pre-Workout Smoothie (primal) Green Protein Smoothie (vegan & high-protein) Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie (vegan & high-protein) High Protein White Smoothie (high protein) BREAKFAST (MUFFINS, PANCAKES, ETC. How To Make Green Tea Chiffon Cake (recipe).

Healthy Thousand Layer Cake (matcha Green Tea & Banana). My simple healthy version of a matcha green tea and banana thousand layer cake. Green Tea Microwave Cake paleo by ila on Indulgy. com. Green Tea Layer Cake by carina8. CollectCollect this now for later. carina8 Green Tea Layer Cake.

As you may know, Jesse’s 32nd birthday was New Year’s eve. I always like to do something special for him and this year, I let him choose his cake. I’m working on a green tea cake and thinking of adapting this recipe. And the natural green frosting is courtesy of creamy avocado paired with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Try them with a cup of tea for a proper after-dinner dessert, or use the recipe as a Paleo pie crust. Was bored today and decided to come up with a unique cake for my birthday coming up. So here is take one.


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