Paleo Greek Easter Bread

Paleo Greek Easter Bread

Mahlab is a spice made from ground cherry stones and, along with piney gum mastic, gives this Greek Easter bread its distinctive flavour. Hardboiled.

This tsoureki recipe, a sweet yeast bread made of eggs, milk, and butter, is a staple during Greek Easter. When Raj first messaged me We should make a Paleo Easter dinner! I have baked a handful of Paleo breads, but this one was the most classic, like my Mom used to make, type bread.

Greek Easter Bread by ginisann, learn to make this recipe easily in your kitchen machine and discover other Thermomix recipes in Breads & rolls. Paleo Brownies. Rich brioche-like breads (often braided) are known by various Greek names that represent three major holidays for Greeks: Easter, Christmas and New Year’s. Greek food remains true to its roots, like ancient philosopher Epicurus’ dictum to “live well and enjoy the simple things in life.


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