Paleo Granny Cake I

Paleo Granny Cake I

Recipes for Christmas dinner when you live a Paleo lifestyle. Avocado Baking, Avocado Casseroles, Paleo, Breakfast Secret, Breakfast Cake, Breakfast Baking, Avocado Instant, Absolute Delicious, Avocado Breakfast. This cake recipe is easy to make, using pineapple for a fruity cake and also makes a glaze that helps deliver a cake that is very moist.

Learn how to make Paleo Diet apple cake recipe granny smith – Food Plans for the Modern Caveman or Cavegirl. Chef Kyle shared his Great Granny Shoe’s recipe for fudge icing, along with a Texas Sheet Cake Recipe that is a sweet and savory dessert combo.

This amazing cake is rich and warm with the flavor of apple and fresh ginger. 2 large tart apples (I recommend Granny Smith) unpeeled, cored, in large pieces (about 400 grams). This rustic cake is simple to assemble and comes out somewhere between a bread pudding and a custard.


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