Paleo Gingerbread

Paleo Ginger Pear Bread

The holiday season turns our thoughts to delicious treats. These Paleo gingerbread cookies provide key nutrients to put a healthy spin on an old classic. Gingerbread cookies are a favorite holiday treat of mine that I’ve enjoyed my whole life. We’ve shared these with non-paleo family members, and they have been given unanimous approval.

This seasonal version of homemade granola adds warm spices, maple syrup, and pecans to create flavor similar to gingerbread cookies. A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots. txt learn more. Organic protein powder, organic superfood, paleo, peaches and cream, pesto, pure native WPI, steamed salmon, Teresa Cutter, the healthy chef, vegan, vegetarian, weight loss, well-being, wheat free, WPI.

This Ginger Snap Recipe, tastes even better than Grandmas and is quick, easy and Paleo friendly! Perfect for healthier Christmas baking! Grain free, gluten free, sugar free cookies made gingerbread style with fresh ginger and molasses. These molasses ginger cookies are paleo friendly and are nothing but healthy for you! Paleo gingerbread cake is best in a cozy warm room while looking out the window watching the snow dust everything white. It’s the perfect December cake.


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