Paleo Gingerbread Cookie Frosting

Paleo Gingerbread Cookie Frosting

I whipped up a homemade buttercream frosting in our KitchenAid mixer, and once our cute little gingerbread people cooled down enough, I decorated their outfits with piped frosting. Gingerbread Cookies Revised. I decorated my little gingerbread men with Enjoy Life brand mini chocolate chips (thanks to Bill and Haley from Food Lover’s Kitchen for the idea, and here’s a link to their gingerbread recipe for anyone who wants to try a different version). But, I mapped out a recipe based on traditional sugar cookie frosting, basically subbing out the icing sugar for a mix of powdered regular sugar and arrowroot powder.

Paleo Gingerbread Men and Decorating Frosting Plaid and Paleo. Paleo Iced Gingerbread cookies are definitely worth putting on your holiday baking list. These were great with or without the icing too. These paleo vegan gingerbread man cookies are perfect if you’ve got food sensitivities. If you need to make a vegan frosting, simply substitute the honey for maple syrup.

To make the icing combine the shortening, coconut cream, and stevia and pipe with a pastry bag or sandwich bag with cut tip to decorate your gingerbread men. If you’d like to let unleash your creativity and decorate the gingerbread men using a more wholesome frosting, check out my dairy-free icing recipe on page 271 of my new cookbook then grab some natural food coloring so your palette can match your holiday spirit. It takes on the denser texture of a cake bar, and the frosting tastes and feels like bakery icing.


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