Paleo Fried Banana Dessert

Paleo Fried Banana Dessert

Use this quick and delicious recipe to make dessert for one or for a crowd; it’s egg-free, nut-free, and autoimmune-friendly so everyone can enjoy. Banana slices fried in coconut oil are crispy and caramel-sweet on the outside but warm and soft in the middle. In my never-eat-dessert-unless-it-is-my-birthday (which ps: is today) world, I have been eating these for “dessert” every night all week. Most of the time we tell him we aren’t having dessert, but last night I decided to create something quickly, easy and healthy! We don’t usually keep (or make) Paleo-fied treats in the house because we want to get used to not having sweets around, even if they are better for you than tradional sweets.

Cinnamon Honey Fried Bananas Recipe By Photo Tonights dessert. A recipe for paleo fried bananas that is so simple, you won’t consider it cooking. I present you this Paleo Fried Bananas recipe in Honey Coconut Cinnamon Sirup. For this paleo dessert you need: Bananas, Cinnamon, Honey, Coconut milk.

4 mintues. Flip slices and fry other side for 2-3 minutes more. Recipe Type: All Recipes, Dessert, Fruit, Recipe of the Day Tags: Dairy. The Paleo diet can feel limiting when it comes to dessert. But this list of caveman-friendly treats will have you wondering why you ever ate dairy and refined sugar in the first place! 49 Paleo Desserts That Taste Anything But. This is my new go to paleo friendly desert; Paleo Fried Bananas topped with Cinnamon, Cashews and coconut. You will love it. Fast simple and easy.


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