Paleo French-Canadian Gorton Pork Spread

Paleo French-Canadian Gorton Pork Spread

Choose from over 1168 French Pork Meat Spread recipes from sites like Epicurious and Allrecipes. Gorton (French-Canadian Pork Spread) AllRecipes. Paleo French Canadian Meat Pie Recipe. The small corner restaurant prides itself on its French-Canadian dishes. French cruller, share some of this French-Canadian spread with the locals. And my Gram also makes a pork stuffing similar to gorton that we still enjoy, only now my mom makes it.

As much as I love following recipes and buying Paleo cookbooks, sometimes you just need to keep it simple. If you have ever had the French Canadian pork spread known as gorton, that’s what these smelled like. Get the recipe for Paleo Spaghetti Pie at See how to make this low-carb, flavorful recipe for Paleo Spaghetti Pie. Traditional Quebecois spread: Tourtiere (meat pie) , feves au lard (baked beans) , ragout de boulettes (stew) and various meats and vegetables.

Spread Recipes! Choose from over 65 French Pork Spread recipes from sites like BBC Good Food and Allrecipes. Gorton (French-Canadian Pork Spread).


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