Paleo French Bread

My paleo crusty bread recipe calls for almond flour, and I had a lot of people asking how to make the bread nut-free. This recipe is my answer. I’ve been talking a lot about my paleo, grain free french bread for the past few weeks on instagram. And this super easy, grain-free french bread is amazingly close to what I remember eating before I went gluten-free! It’s so good that our family (Uncle Roy & Aunt Marge from Michigan, who aren’t even GF) loved my GF french bread sample so much, that we all ate more of it than the conventional grain & gluten containing biscuits during our annual family holiday dinner today!  To me that’s the ultimate compliment, when folks that aren’t even GF are excited to eat my creations and are looking forward to my recipes, I feel like I’ve done good! The first bite of this paleo french bread transported me back to my big girl days where I would eat an entire loaf of french bread slathered in butter.

Even though I’ve given you a basic Paleo bread recipe that you can use for sandwiches, I wouldn’t even try to pretend that it’s anything like normal wheat bread. However, to get really good French bread there is one requirement. Crusty, soft, Low Carb Gluten Free French Bread made without yeast?. need I say more? Need I say more? I hope you enjoy my new Paleo French Bread!

This recipe (which I found linked from the Saffron Girl’s blog) lets you customize the sweetness for various dishes- need your bread sweeter for a French toast? Paleo Pumpkin Bread A grain free recipe perfect for a healthier holiday season. Soft and chewy, like a popover-pita-French bread fusion hard roll.


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