Paleo Fig Smoothie

Paleo Fig Smoothie

Opt out of McDonald’s shamrock shake and opt in to this Paleo Green Fig and Mint Smoothie instead. Your body will thank you for it. : ). When crafting the perfect Paleo breakfast smoothie you have to make sure that you won’t regret your decision a few hours later. Paleo Fig Shake Figs should make it into your Paleo meal plan every now and then, and this fig shake is a great way to introduce yourself to fresh figs if you’ve never tried them before.

Oh, my. The creamy, deliciousness of this paleo banana smoothie with figs! I am such a huge fan of figs, and it upsets me greatly that they’re only in season for a few months of the year.

It’s the end of the week and we’ve eaten pretty much everything so I have to raid my fridge to see what I can throw together for breakfast. Toasted Coconut & Fig Almond Milk Smoothie chock full of protein + fiber. Gluten-free & Paleo-friendly, dairy-free recipe filled with real, raw ingredients. A unique top-10 list of refreshing and nourishing paleo smoothie recipes from around the web. Fig and Zucchini Smoothie from Tasty Yummies. 1.


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