Paleo Festive Fruitcake II

Paleo Festive Fruitcake II

Classic fruit cake turned Paleo, this healthy gluten free, grain free and dairy free Paleo Fruitcake recipe is great with a cup of tea. I might make it for my brother for Christmas as I am not a fruitcake fan. I divided it into 2 regular sized loaf pans so the batter was shallow. It’s what every fruit cake should taste like. Boozy Christmas Cake (Paleo Fruit Cake). December 16, 2013 by My Heart Beets 15 Comments. December 16, 2013 at 2: 28 pm. The size tin I used was 10 1/2 cm wide and 26 cm long.

From now on, when I get a craving for Christmas Fruit Cake, this is what will come to mind. A grain-free, alcohol-free recipe for the fruitcake lovers who want to stay Paleo but still get a taste of their favorite dessert. 2 cups raisins; 1 cup dried cherries; 1 cup assorted dry fruits of your choice; 1 1/2 cups of chopped mixed dried fruits (Any combination. (You haven’t had fruit cake until you’ve had one like this! ).

MAXIMIZIE nutrients with a festive SUPER fruitcake smoothie. As a thank you – you also get a FREE copy of my Volume II Healthy Bites ebook. Boozy Christmas Cake (paleo Fruit Cake) ? Everything you need to know about what to eat and what not to eat for the Paleo diet. I was feeling very brave when I decided to make 2 of the recipes for a friend’s Wedding Reception. Paleo Christmas Cake that is gluten free, sugar free, grain free, dairy free and completely vegan and vegetarian friendly. It was liked so much that the rich fruitcake was made for Christmas too.


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